Cancellation of Personal Payday: See in which situations it is possible to request


Due to low interest rates and flexible payment periods, INSS public servants, retirees and pensioners are increasingly attracted to request a Personal Payday loan .

However, there are clients who, for doing something unthinkable, regret this hiring and wish to request cancellation of the contract, before even removing the total amount of the debt.

Personal Payday loan: Why apply?

Personal Payday loan: Why apply?

One of the main credit differentials is the fact that the installment is deducted directly from the applicant’s monthly income. In this way, banks and financial institutions have greater guarantee of debt repayment, and consequently, they have exclusive advantages and benefits .

Flexible repayment terms and reduced interest rates are some of the most attractive advantages of Personal Payday loans. Asking for it can be a good help for anyone who needs extra money and fast , either to settle an outstanding debt or to invest in a business of their own.

However, it is always necessary to carefully analyze in which situations it is really worth hiring a Personal Payday loan . So, if you have regretted the request, see if your case is eligible for cancellation of the Personal Payday.

In what situations can I cancel the Personal Payday?

In what situations can I cancel the Personal Payday?

A Personal Payday loan can be canceled only in case of fraud . This is when there is an undue discount on your monthly benefit even if you have not applied for the loan.

What are the most obvious fraud situations?

What are the most obvious fraud situations?

There are some scams found on a Personal Payday loan. The main ones are related to blank contract signatures, document forgery and registration lists with sensitive information.

That is, a stallholder files a proposal for the victim, especially for the elderly , and persuades them to sign blank contracts with all their personal data. Thus, criminals take advantage of this information and use it to falsify documents and apply scams.

In addition, there are also companies sell enrollment lists with information and actual data of retirees or people who are with the benefit of retirement in progress. That is, people associated with these so-called companies contact customers through links and inform that there is an available value for the contracting of a Personal Payday loan, even if there is no margin or credit limit available.

Generally, because of the need for extra money or for innocence, the victim accepts the proposal from malicious people and provides their personal information, without realizing that it is a coup .

How to act in case of fraud?

If you noticed that there are undue deductions in salary or monthly benefit, contact the Social Security Assistance Center by the number 135. But, if you prefer, through the internet in the Portal of Ombudsman General of Social Security you can also request cancellation of the Personal Payday.

The victim must file a complaint and wait for a period of up to 10 business days for the response from the bank or financial institution. After fraud is detected within two business days, the amount that has been debited improperly must be refunded to your account.

Can I request the cancellation of the Personal Payday in some other situation?

Can I request the cancellation of the Personal Payday in some other situation?

No. As stated earlier, payday loans can only be canceled in case of fraud. However, in the event of the death of the holder, the debt shall be extinguished. Although this is a matter widely discussed by the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) , the debt can not be passed on to the heirs and relatives of the borrower.

However, the borrower also has the option to advance the installments of the loan and remove them before the end of the contract. Thus, you will have discounts on the interest rates that would be applied in future installments. In addition, the debt will be repaid in a shorter term than expected.

Secured loan security

One of the ways to avoid paycheck-deductible loan fraud is through digital hiring . The use of the internet on the day of the people is something already recurring. Thinking about it, there are applications developed for the purpose of providing the application for a loan or paycheck card online. Besides practicality and comfort, online contracting can prevent fraud and guarantees confidentiality and practicality at the time of request.

In addition, it is suggested that you never share personal information for anyone other than your bank’s employees. Remember, the stellar masters take advantage of victims’ personal data and forge documents to punch. Here are some tips on how to prevent fraud in the Personal Payday fraud .

Knowing how cancellation of a consignment loan in cases of fraud works, it is easier for you to know what to do in this type of situation. Now, do not waste time and find out why Personal Payday loans have reduced interest rates .