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Choose your cash loan direct lenders only

An unforeseen, non-budgeted expenditure can occur at any time. To finance these fast money needs at a controlled cost, several solutions exist on the credit market. There are traditional banking solutions and innovative solutions.

Among the innovations, we have cash loan direct lenders online and  Extra resources. This fast, flexible loan combines the use of technology and financial products to deliver real benefits to consumers.

Online credit in a brief

Online credit or fast credit is a personal loan granted by banks to individuals. It is delivered directly by banks or through their specialized subsidiaries. Unlike traditional personal loans, online credit relies on its features to streamline and simplify procedures and minimize the time it takes to make the loan available.

The application process and the issuance of the credit are done online. This exempts the applicant from a physical presence in an agency. Like most personal loans, he can finance unpaid bills, daily expenses, repairs, decoration, taxes, a debt or a vehicle. This is fast money, the use of which in most cases depends on the borrower.

Real gains compared to other products

A personal loan can go up to € 75,000, but the amounts offered to depend on the creditor who sets them according to the duration of the loan, its rate and the repayment capacity of the client. The offers are generally between 1000 € and 25 000 € to see more under certain conditions. Rates vary between 2 and 5%. Among the advantages of this kind of loan, we have:

  • an online application in about 10 minutes
  • a credit made available to you without proof of use
  • an instantaneous principle response based on the declared elements. The final answer depends on the acceptance of your file
  • sends it by mail the signed offer and the documents in the file
  • obtaining the loan by transfer within a period ranging from 3 to 8 days according to the lender and this, at the request of the borrower.

All of these factors provide simplicity, speed, and flexibility to this loan. The subscriber has a withdrawal period of 14 days after any commitment. In case of need for quick money, online credit can offer the borrower a significant boost of oxygen. Taking into account the potential costs of the time required to process another loan, it is sometimes more advantageous to use a fast loan.

Need fast money: how to get credit online

To grant a fast credit online, financial institutions ask for a credible employment contract or guarantees. As with a traditional loan, you need sufficient repayment capacity. Before any commitment, ask the lender about the documents to provide. Then make a request online.

Download, complete and transmit the signed application and all required additional documents by mail. Many requests are closed due to incomplete files. Even if other complementary documents can be claimed, in general, it is necessary to provide:

  • an ID
  • a history of credit
  • payslips
  • income tax returns.

It is recommended to take information on several financial institutions and to help a comparator to decide a choice. Then simulate your borrowing capacity with an online calculator to properly formulate your credit application.