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Social Responsibility
Written by Santiago Romero   
Nov 14, 2023 at 05:23 PM
Democracy isn't an electoral day... Our political leaderships must prove on daily life their moral integrity by SERVING people instead of turning them into a way of living to get a high-class status... They must prove their efficiency not only along the electoral time... Most of world leaderships are in crisis, but crisis means an inexorable change sooner or later... The selfsame historical deeds of Southern African region against apartheid system show us that when common people are committed to changes, not only on voting day but one day and the next one and the next ones keeping determination's pace, then the way becomes the door...

 We must demand our political leaderships to prove factual achievements beyond rhetorical discursiveness, as so indicate the well-intentioned politicians among thickened tides of dishonesty... And the good officers between the lobbyists of concealment and the lecturers of selfish own salvation... (For many ones, mirrors are such annoying pieces of furniture...) Because that doesn't up to them but to us... We too must prove our SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY peacefully...

 Where are those multitudinous statements i can't reach to read, to see, to listen... to...? I just wanted to know about Zambian elections before getting the cyber next Monday... The monopoly of supposedly opened 'Tech Advance' is in the same few puppeteers' hands concealing everything behind haply your own approval and surely your payment... 99 wired channels of TVeered international and national bungle for me to shift on and on with more&more propaganda and less&less info... Isn't it a coin-see-thence? ["... WHAT? Africa? You are kidding..."] Such a fool me... I dared not only to wonder about millions and millions of people but also to ask about them. ["... No tsunami happened over there this week, No donating stars' show to cleanse a war... There are no reasons for them to exist this week..."]

 Most pieces of those so-called «breaking news» by the gutter are nothing more than the ending ring in a chain of many former news whose relation between them has been, obviously and many times, pass'd by... Demanding such sort of treatment whom aren't able to relate their right hand to the left, or whom are intentionally well-paid for misrelation may be sounding like a naïf request, but what about yourself?

 All over the world the self-consuming groups of cocksureness who think themselves media summit, art summit, education summit, the 'summit of all' are spitting out their completely fallacious choices... Private sector corruption or state corruption? ... Misinformation main office or its Southern branches?... The 'bad' terrorists or the 'good' terrorists? ... Getting mafiosoly rich as a 'bad model' by plundering common people or getting mafiosoly rich as a 'good model' by prostituting oneself in the poor's name to donate about ten per cent of complicities for people's free-thinking's retirement?

 The self-consuming groups of cocksureness, lacking SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, don't like to listen to whole neighbourhood, whole city, whole country, whole region, whole world... i.e. life itself... Quoting Ezequiel Martínez Estrada from his book «La Cabeza de Goliat» (Goliath's Head) and expanding his concept about Buenos Aires city furtherly beyond: "... Every one who ignores that we are an amorphous conglomeration of Cosmopolitan passions, of International ideas, of confluent bloods from all the ethnic creeks, can't distinguish truth from falsehood..."


Zambezi Times Arts Editor
Buenos Aires, Oct. 02, 2006
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