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  • Inflation Hits 2,200 Percent
    IT'S been two weeks since government blocked the Central Statistical Office (CSO) from releasing the latest inflation figures and there is little hope that the numbers will be released anytime soon.

  • 'Look East' Policy Yet to Bear Fruit
    Zimbabwe's isolation by its traditional international trading partners after 2000 has hit the country hard amid failure to strike up new bilateral trade deals as part of its "look east" trade strategy.

  • Government Plan to Revoke All NGO Licences Violates Free Expression Rights
    ARTICLE 19 condemns the Zimbabwean government's decision to move to cancel all registration certificates of non-government organisations (NGOs) in order to "sift out those seeking to force regime change in Zimbabwe", as reported by the State broadcaster, Zimbabwe Television. Such a move is a clear violation of Zimbabwe's human rights obligations under the African Charter on Human and People's Rights, particularly in respect of the right of freedom of expression and the right of freedom of assembly.

  • State Takes Over Harare Farm
    STATE security agents have taken over Watermount Estate, a farm belonging to closed Time Bank and subdivided into residential stands, saying they had approval from senior government officials.

  • Country Barters Sugar for Malawi Maize
    AS food and foreign currency shortages intensify, government has devised a plan to barter sugar for maize with Malawi.

  • Finance Minister Announces Partial Devaluation
    RESERVE Bank governor Gideon Gono yesterday all but devalued the Zimbabwe dollar by up to 98,3% even though he insisted otherwise.

  • Patients Asked to Provide Own Drugs
    AFTER a four-hour tiresome journey from Nemanwa, Fanuel Mukarati gets into Harare without any extra cash. He had used up all the money to transport his ailing mother who has come for a check-up after undergoing an operation at Parirenyatwa Hospital two weeks ago.

  • MDC Activists Denied Bail Again
    OPPOSITION MDC activists arrested at Harvest House on March 28 for allegedly spearheading petrol bombings throughout the country, were yesterday again denied bail and remanded to May 11, as the number of activists detained under the same charge increases.

  • Special Church Assembly Explores Roots of Nation's Crisis
    A two-day special assembly organised by the Catholic bishops of Zimbabwe examined the roots of the nation's political and economic crisis.

  • Banks Set to Up Lending Rates
    COMMERCIAL banks are set to increase their minimum lending rates after the Reserve Bank hiked the key accommodation rate yesterday.

  • MDC Seeks International Support for Electoral Reforms
    THE opposition MDC has embarked on international lobbying to seek support for its call for reform of electoral laws ahead of Zimbabwe's inaugural joint presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for 2008.

  • New Wave of Farm Evictions
    A FRESH wave of evictions has hit the agricultural sector with nearly a dozen of the few remaining white commercial farmers being forced off their land or under threat of eviction before they reap their ripening crop.

  • Govt Starts Mining Marange Diamonds
    GOVERNMENT has taken over diamond mining in Marange and begun trial mining for alluvial diamonds and exploration work through its parastatal, the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC), to ascertain the quantity of the mineral despite being entangled in a legal dispute.

  • Zimplats Starts Listing Plans
    ZIMBABWE Platinum Mines (Zimplats) has started working on plans to list on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) in what could be the biggest listing by a major foreign-owned company in eight years, businessdigest can reveal.

  • Tobacco Farmers Holding On to Crop
    TOBACCO farmers said they will hold on to their crop until government announces a new tobacco price on Monday.

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