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A society that cuts itself from youth and children severs its lifeline
Written by Daniel Chisenga   
Dec 31, 2023 at 12:30 PM

LUSAKA, Dec. 31 - Statement from Mulungushi Ward 18 (Mandevu Constituency) during the donation of clothes and shoes to Tache Home in Olympia Extension.

Zambia is currently facing socio-economical problems with over 80% of the population without formal employment. The HIV/AIDS scourge has resulted in bread winners dying leaving helpless children mainly on the streets.

Young people face the challenges of injustice and exclusion resulting mainly from the enormous inequalities in income, wealth and power dominating society today. The severe, social and health conditions have also made some parents to send their children to beg for food and money on the streets.

We cannot speak of a better life for all if we do not on a sustained basis improve the lives of our young people and children. Policies however wonderful, will remain mere pious until we implement them. Real and sustainable solutions to these problems can only be found through the development of new partnerships between government, the international community, the private sector, and local NGOs like Tache Home.

However, it is gratifying to note that government made remarkable contribution by launching the National Youth Policy this year and the review of the child policy. Effort has also been made towards the rehabilitation of street kids at ZNS camp, a move that has help children reform. We would like to see that 2007 budget provide adequate financial resources to youths and children. Government need to start implementing the youth policy and the child policy next year if the pride of youths are children is to be achieved.

I should also emphasized here that justice between the present and future generation be recognized as a fundamental base for sustainable development. Our future is being threatened as most of our children are on the streets. There is need to focus more on the demands of these children for the world of tomorrow as these are what makes our future leadership. The issue of street children should be given higher priority in this coming year. There is need to devise means to avoid children going to the streets. Those that have received rehabilitation from ZNS need the support of everyone.

In conclusion I wish to thank you the Management of Tache Home for the wonderful work they are doing in looking after these orphaned children. I also wish to thank Help Line for there support to the less privileged in Society.

I thank Natural Valley and Agogo for the refreshments provided.
May God Bless you all and have a prosperous 2007.
Daniel Chisenga
Mulungushi Ward 18 Councilor

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