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Bus Fares and Unproductively Threat
Written by Daniel Chisenga   
Feb 01, 2023 at 06:49 PM

LUSAKA, Feb. 1 - Zambia fuel prices have continued to rise as compared to its neighboring countries whose figures are relatively low. This situation has become a source of great worry and sadness.

It makes sad reading to see that despite the pronouncement of economical progress by the new deal government, prices of goods and services have continued going up.

The danger resulting from the recent increase in bus fares is that people in our communities are now made to walk long distances to go for work. This being the case, they get so tired that by the time they reach the workplace with fatigue, a trend which threatens productivity of our human resource.

It is very sad that Hon. Minister of Transport Peter Daka is laying the blame on commuters over the increased fares. For him to say the commuters were quite is not a basis for government to acknowledge the increase. Government has the duty to ensure that its citizens are protected from this kind of exploitation. It is common knowledge that this has been the worst increase in bus fares so far both for local routes and long distance routes.

Furthermore, as a result of increased fuel prices municipalities are likely to face problems in service delivery as the cost of running the trucks for garbage collection will go high.

We implore our Honorable Members of Parliament to see to it that they quickly move a motion to revise the minimum wage as opposed to what is current. The minimum wages need to be revised so that it can cushion the impact of increased prices and the living condition. The Energy Regulation Board should also explain how long Zambia will continue experiencing higher fuel prices while their neighboring countries continue to enjoy reasonable rates.

by Daniel Chisenga
PF Lusaka District Information and Publicity Secretary

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