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Integrate Youth Participation
Written by Daniel Chisenga   
Feb 01, 2023 at 08:27 PM

LUSAKA, Feb. 1 - Zambia’s population is youthful accounting for 68%. There is need for the recently launched National Youth Policy to be implemented and this should be clearly marked in the 2007 budget.

Currently there is no governance system in the country which prepares our youth for leadership roles. Other countries like Namibia have developed the institutional capacity of youth and young people are easily integrated into leadership of the country.

In Zambia young people lack institutional capacity to effectively contribute to the democratic dispensation of the country.

Government should now move towards having a youth perspective approach and mainstream youth in all planning and decision making as well as appointing youth focal points in all line Ministries and structures.
It is quite necessary that as the country attends the ordinary session of the general Assembly, it should include youth who understand youth issues in the country who, in turn will represent their views effectively.

The African Youth Charter which was adopted last year by the seventh ordinary session of the assembly held in Banjul, Gambia on 2nd July 2006 resolved that member states will guarantee the participation of youth in parliament and other decision making bodies in respective countries.

The government should ratify to the African Youth Charter if youth development is to be enhanced.

by Daniel Chisenga 

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