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Home  Mandevu Constituency  Recruitment of 6000 Street Children
Recruitment of 6000 Street Children
Written by Daniel Chisenga   
Feb 01, 2023 at 06:46 PM
LUSAKA, Feb. 1 - The ministerial statement by Minister of Community Development and Social Services Hon. Catherine Namugala that government is to recruit 6000 street kids in the country is a very welcome move.

Currently there are over 12000 children on the streets, a situation which is a very unfortunate and sad one. Mulungushi ward where Mandahill is situated boost as having most of the street children in Lusaka. 

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has left most families crippled and as a result of the loss of bread winners, children have decided to go on the streets for survival.
Some parents arte also sending their children to beg on the streets as a result of the economical hardships in most homes.

Therefore the move by government to bail some of these children from the harsho living conditions on the streets is recommendable.

These children have become victims of sexual abuse, alcohol and dug abuse and physical abuse by adults. They are also affected psychologically and emotionally.

It is also important that since the issue of street children has become a national problem, government should consider formulating a policy on street children. A policy will act as a guide on how government will continue to handle the increasing number of street children.

There is also need for the Ministry to devise means handling children below the age of 15years who are not eligible for ZNS if the number of children on the streets is to be reduced.

We urge private sector participation ion ensuring that the children’s future is guaranteed.

By Cllr. Daniel Chisenga

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