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Broken Night

O bleeding offerings of night
that is innocently broken
by the suffering ones' purloined life
long before than by dawn strife!

In the VIP of night hunters put so fast
framed evidence into every sentence
to hide a great deal of forward deal lust
as son ance stores which BIZZ arre
as their sisters assist their lords
when lower-middle-class girls' harts
wait to be sacrificed indoors
during hunting matches along
every quoin of the whole world

They are resting their booming wrestling upon
our crackling getting by when it's looming to go on
getting success in succeeding but ruin in living
such falsely to such an extent that they get speech in
non-ethic oxymorons made of synonyms
and syllogical hymns called poll e-tics

The incertitude murmur in the VIP of night
finally becomes a HOW'LL out of fright
Every bang remains being just an onomatopoeia
when they slip all what they can but don't see
into the questionless sea of their war of top media

There the full tide of shadows rows freely and full drive
along thirdworldan teardrops ocean so deep and wide
and the financial nonchalance is sly enough to take a chance
unworriedly and despotically despoiler from every refulgent lie
written by sensationalist columnists such as Fernanda Iglesias
(CLARIN press) with whore's heart and tycoon's daughter's inexperience
for once it can be, What a bad joint are the empty brainsidious pens

The moon went to sleep too soon just before
its climbing up frightened by a wandering clap
or a roving stray cat or a little cling or another or
on assumption that darkness might have one more trap

The wrap of all nocturnal silence
absorbs an ethereal but dense substance
which could be our intense subsistence
before under-secretaries standard runs
or something like that and... yes it is
Globalizating policies stalk at every bight
to prove that economical power is army and police
in the VIP of night to kill each wight bite by bite

Meanwhile at commonly never used sight
which only exists in the deep south of night
i.e. the same place but where brothers like you and me aren't but is
just another problem bothers them and to really truly be is a risk
and fallacy of peacemakers' shakers show is as profitable as war is
we are ignorant enough to understand nothing of economies
and be impolitely off heart to heart to write things like this


Zambezi Times Arts Editor
Buenos Aires, May. 29

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