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All Tonga Music Concert, 27-28 August 2004

CHIKUNI, MONZE, ZAMBIA, May. 09 - Amplifiers and speaker system needed at chikuni radio
chikuni, monze, zambia, jan. 24 - can you help?

amplifiers and speaker system needed.
5th tonga music festive at chikuni radio august 27-28 2004
please help!

for the past four years, number of spectators (audience) grew rapidly. last year we had at least 6-7 thousand people at the peak time watching the concert.
p.a. system was able to produce at most 2,500 watts and many people could hardly hear at times what was happening on the stage.
our concert is situated in an open area, on a football pitch. in august/september when the concert takes place, we experience quite a strong wind.
to cover adequately such an event, we need to increase the power at least by 4-5 times (fold) of the present one and use matching power of an array speaker system.
in zambia there is no hire equipment service available.
if we really want to continue, we desperately need to replace our present amplifying equipment.

we are looking for a donation of any new or second hand amplifiers and speaker systems to build an adequate amplification arrangement for such an event.

help support the biggest music festival in zambia

please e-mail:


matongo maumbi

Matongo Maumbi

Massey Ferguson Tractors Available At Large Discounts

HEREFORD.ENGLAND., May. 07 - Hitchings of hereford. massey ferguson approved tractor exporters,
can offer mf tractors, which look and work "as new", but are not new.
they are completely rebuilt in england, using latest mf specification,
fully guaranteed as new. prices about half of new.

Michael Hitchings

Request For Partners In A Youth Program-kenya

KENYA, May. 06 - We are a not for profit youth serving organization empowering the poor youth in the marginalized rural areas of kenya. currently we are running five mobile training centers for the youth in different local churches. we are looking forward to putting up a community youth resource center in an arid rural area of our country. we already have a piece of land donated for this purpose and are looking for parnters who wish to assist us get this dream into a reality. please help us get to help the poor youth. visit our web page on thank you very much for your concern, prayers and any other contribution.

James Wachieni

Africa Continental Freight & Passenger Heavy Railway Network

GUANGZHOU/CHINA, Apr. 15 - We support by the north africa enterprise development (naed), overseas private investment corporation (opic), u.s. commercial service, export-import bank of the united states, new york city government, new york state government, funds, financial institutes, investment companies, banks, investment banks.

we can arrange funds to buy & sell assets, funds for private investment transactions, funds for enhancements, funding for negotiable instruments, funding for business & projects, and guarantees.

we are hoping to cooperate with you, look forward to hear from you.

yours sincerely,

david johnson
project promoter

algeria, australia, canada, india, philippine, sri lanka, uk, zimbabwe.

dhwy investment administer co., ltd.
15b2 everbright bank of china building
689 north tianhe road
guangzhou, guangdong 510630 china

tel: 86-020-38732631, 38730588, 38730226
fax: 86-020-38730488

web site:

billion finance holding group, ltd. u.s.a.
36-09 main street 9a flushing ny 11354

tel: 718-3537079 fax: 718-9390284

american international assurance co., ltd. guangzhou branch
44/f, citic plaza,
no. 233 tianhe road north,
guangzhou, 510613, prc

tel: 8620-38771530, 79, 84, 70
fax: 8620-38770729
personal tel: 8620-81824525
personal fax (efax): +85-230155605
spare fax: 8620-38770729

David Johnson

Please, For A Better Quality Life For A Better Quality Human Beings

ZAKHO, IRAQ, Mar. 28 - The following 3 books can be downloaded from: (in pdf files) and (in zipped doc files)

The 1st book: please, for a better quality life for a better quality human beings.
The 2nd book: Please, remember some life-basics.
The 3rd book: part 2 of, Please, remember some life-basics.

part 2 of, Please, remember some life-basics

In this book, as in my previous 2 books, I try in my simple way to go through some of those most basic concepts, principles and values of life that everyone might need to remember them between time and time.
we all need some freedom to present our beleifs, our thoughts and our feelings about things. I am really grateful because I am able to do all that through my books, through the use of the water-logic.

please remember some life – basics 

Chapter 1:  The difference between the functional-healthy family and the dysfunctional-unhealthy family.
chapter 2: The difference between the functional-healthy society and the dysfunctional-unhealthy society.
Chapter 3: The difference between the functional-healthy belief system and the dysfunctional-unhealthy belief system.
Chapter 4: The art of thinking (some most basic thinking skills)

Please for a better quality life & for a better quality human beings:

Throughout human history, great achievers, who contributed great contributions to the human race whether in the form of those wonderful wise decent principles of living like those decent healthy competent paths of the ‘code of conduct’ or in the form of those wonderful ‘inventions and discoveries’ like the discovery of electricity, lived whole their lives suffering and the vast majority of them, if not all, died in poor mesirable conditions.....

Dr. Murad

I Have Always Being Waiting For The Chance To Do What I Love The Most!

ZAMBIA, Mar. 26 - am a very keen in acting,and i ve' always being waiting for that special moment,that one day i will live my dream as an more than ready to get in touch with anybody interested in giving me clues of how to make it happen.i have being and will always wait for this!!


Global Peace Vigil Reminder

BAGHDAD, Mar. 20 - We ask that you light a candle in your heart and join us in this global peace vigil on saturday, march 20th - the one year anniversary of the start of the war in iraq. this historic event will take place at 12:00 noon new york time (5:00pm gmt). millions will synchronize in prayer for an hour.

james and the group will be holding the peace vigil in the national theatre in baghdad tomorrow (march 20th) and the theatre has requested that they plant the peace pole on site. while there have been many bombs going off around them, james and the group has remained quite safe thanks to all of your prayers.

you can hear audio updates from james in baghdad by going to the web site ( and clicking on the global peace vigil link.

james wanted to let everyone know that he will do a general conference call on tuesday, march 23 at 6pm pacific time (9pm new york time). the conference call number is: 1-(641) 594-7500, pin number 90012#. there is a strong possibility that the room will fill up, so please try to be there a few minutes early. (there is no charge for the discussion, only the cost of the actual call).

Global Peace Vigil

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