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Youth Federation for World Peace, Zambia

The Beatitude of Peace

The world we live in is becoming increasingly interconnected. The renewal of comitment and the building of positive dialogue, relationships and cooperative action with those outside the structure of our culture. This possibly the greatest imperative of our time.

If true and lasting p;eace and properity is to come to Zambia, young people's voices need to stand together and work hand in hand to tackle enormous problems that face them and humanity as a whole.

To fulfil the purpose of this noble cause Youth Federation for World Peace Zambian Chapter is introducing "The Cultivation of the Culture of Peace" through the "First ever Miss Peace Zambia", Beauty Contest".

I. The Vision
The Vision of YFWP is an affirmation of the highest and positive cultural values of each tradition. By sending youths from different traditions to participant, to building relationships of truth with those of different culture, tribe faiths and class proclaiming that youths can visibly model the way to better Zambia.

II. Mission Statement
Youth Federation Zambia Chapter will present to some disbelieving people a taste of the potential that exist within each young people and community.
The Miss Peace Zambia Beauty Pageant Project intends to break barriers of division, aimosity, antagonism and be replaced by respect, appreciation and a desire to cooperate to solve the existing youth problems especially the most devasting HIV/AIDS pandemic.

III. The Goals and Objectives
To encourage and promote meaningful youth representation on the societal and national level on matters affecting youths and help create child and youth friendly environment in Zambia.
To create Miss Peace as Youth Ambassador of Peace transcending political affiliation, religion, ethnicism, ideology, age and sex.
To create Miss Peace as an Ambassador for HIV/AIDS awareness, campaign, advocacy and other related programmes.
To cultivate a culture of Peace, Miss Peace will be the model to other youths in all other youth's endeavour like morals, faith, duty and piety.

IV Intervention:
The success of the Miss Peace will depend on the organising committee. But far much more are the donors and supporters.

Special Request
The response from the donors hasn't been so impressive. We are targeting to raise US$6,000 and we've only received pledges of US$1,000. Therefore, we are requesting for sponsorship from you. Any help you may render to us may go a long way in making the Miss Peace Beauty Pageant next month in March, a success.

We are earnestly waiting to hear from you.

Yours faithfully

Daniel Chisenga
YFWP President

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