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Propaganda Go-go

People of the world, you are not what your conditioned being told to be. You are not a black poor me. You are not southern dirt. You are not a white pig. All of those are not yours. You are a unique free being inside yourselves. This unique free being is waiting for you to wake up.

All the wars drums are not going to stray away this unification of fraternity. Why the “95 percent” of the world population living on poverty level, would allow the rest to feast in peace. We all want to feast in peace. We don’t want to go to war for the 5 percent’s benefits.

All the powers of mass media technologies are used to control this situation of creating fears of terrorism, of losing credits, of losing jobs or loved one. Internet technology have been hacked by the same power who hacked the white house, hacked 9/11, hacked Afghanistan, Iraq, …, then Iran, Syria, North Korea, …who hacked El-Quaida at the very beginning. All those figures are fakes.

The only truth is, that we are all bound on this small planet, on the verge of collapse. Diversity of nature should remind us of our diversity of cultures: this uniqueness worth living, once we find our common heart.
St-Nazaire May. 18

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