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Kaunda To Lead Aids Campaign

WINDHOEK, May 28 - The Polytechnic of Namibia will tomorrow hold its eighth HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign, which will be attended by former Zambian President Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

The campaign, to be held under the theme "Protect the Youth, they are the Future", aims to increase awareness and knowledge on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Dr Kaunda said on arrival yesterday that the pandemic is enormous and requires lots more efforts to fight it.

"The subject we are addressing is very important not only for Africa but for the rest of the world. Africa has suffered like any other continent," he said.

Polytechnic's Public Relations Officer Nangula Kauluma !Gontes said the institution would also endeavour to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the staff and students of the institution.

As a contribution to the development of the country, the institution of higher learning produces human resources, which it needs to do responsibly.

Dr Kaunda will give the keynote address to the awareness campaign, which starts today and will last until the evening, when a candle lighting ceremony will be held in honour of people living with the disease.

Kauluma !Gontes said Dr Kaunda was invited as a leader who contributed greatly to the liberation struggle of Namibia.

The former Zambian President has a foundation for kids with HIV/AIDS and attends events of such nature all over the world.

In this regard, the Polytechnic felt that if a key figure spoke about the disease, it would change people's minds concerning stigma, discrimination, misinformation and the whole issue of lack of discussion on the topic.

The campaign will also include a live panel discussion on HIV/AIDS and the youth in SADC, a cultural performance to be performed by Bana ba Bothlhaba, and other performances by the Police Band and Polytechnic Choir.

By Wezi Tjaronda
Source: New Era / allAfrica Global Media

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