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Kaunda Advocates Sexual Abstinence

WINDHOEK, June 11 - Zambia's founding President Dr Kenneth Kaunda, during his recent visit to Namibia made an impassioned appeal to the youth to abstain from sex as a way of preventing the HIV/AIDS pandemic. More>>

Promoting Good Health Through Food Supplements

LUSAKA, June 11 - "Whenever my tummy was full of nshima, I thought my body would be full of nutrients too. How wrong I was," said Emmanuel Mulenga of Lusaka's Roma township area. More>>

Home-Based Care Projects Flourishing

LUSAKA, June 3 - As Zambia struggles to provide adequate treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS, a long-standing community project has proven a valuable resource in efforts to mitigate the impact of the disease. More>>

Kaunda To Lead Aids Campaign

WINDHOEK, May 28 - The Polytechnic of Namibia will tomorrow hold its eighth HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign, which will be attended by former Zambian President Dr Kenneth Kaunda. More>>

Support Local Publishers, NGOs Prodded

LUSAKA, May 27 - Government has challenged non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working with the Ministry of Health to support the local publishers by providing them materials. More>>

Rev. Nyirongo Decides To Go For HIV Test

LUSAKA, May 27 - Sports, youth and child development minister Gladys Nyirongo has decided to go for voluntary counselling and testing to know her HIV status and make public the test results. More>>

Zambia: New Approach To HIV/Aids Treatment Needed

CAP TOWN, May 11 - Although antiretroviral therapy (ART) has been available in Zambia since 2002, few Zambians have joined the national treatment programme says research presented at a conference on the social aspects of HIV/AIDS care and treatment. More>>


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