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'Girls Empowerment, Key To 30p.c Female Recognition'

NDOLA, June 14 - Copperbelt deputy Permanent Secretary, Mulonda Mulonda has said empowering girls in learning institutions is the key to attaining the 30 per cent female participation in political and decision making structures Government is advocating for. More>>

UNIP Officials Undermining Tilyenji, Charge Party Youths

KITWE,June 14 - UNIP youths in Kitwe have accused some top officials of undermining Tilyenji Kaunda by allegedly working with renegade party functionaries. More>>

Complex Situation In DRC

LUSAKA, June 12 - The situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) continues to be complex let alone confusing. More>>

Zambia's Political Independence Tied To Other Freedoms

LUSAKA, June 12 - British High Commissioner to Zambia Tim David yesterday said Zambia's political independence is only one step along the road to other fundamental freedoms. More>>

Local Journalists Forge Alliance With Lawyers

HARARE, June 11 - A group of local journalists and lawyers has formed an organisation to defend press freedom and resist the current government onslaught against the media. More>>

Counting On A United Voice

LUSAKA, June 11 - Dr. Kenneth Kaunda's advice to African leaders to demand equitable trading policies and practices from multilateral institutions requires serious introspection from those it is being addressed to. More>>

Mumba Cautions Media Against Bad Language

CHIPATA, June 11 - Vice-President Nevers Mumba has cautioned the media against using language that could destroy the nation. More>>


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