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Dinar Recovering

BADHDAD, Apr. 3 - The exchange rate fell from 10 dinars to the dollar in 1991 to 3,500 just before Baghdad fell to U.S. forces in April 2003, according to the central bank data. More>>

Brace For A Bust As Bubbles Look Set To Burst

LONDON, March 29 - Credit has to be given to Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve chairman. He is the first head of a monetary authority who has not only managed to create a series of bubbles in the domestic economy but has also managed to create bubbles elsewhere -- in the New Zealand and Australian dollars, emerging market debts, government bonds, commodities, emerging market equities, and capital spending in China. More>>

Hint Of A Bottom In Gold?

NEW YORK, Mar. 4 - Today gave us a hint of a bottom as gold made a nice move to $395.20 until the squaring of currency portions in front of the Jobs Report settled it back to $393.20. The financial world has a habit of fixating for no apparent reason on one report or another. More>>

Sell Oil For Gold, Mahathir Tells Saudi Arabia

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Jan 18 - Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Sunday that Saudi Arabia should sell oil for gold, not dollars, to avoid being "short-changed" by a decline in the U.S. currency. More>>

U.S. Hits 47 With Charges In Forex Sting

NEW YORK, Nov. 19 - Federal authorities on Wednesday charged 47 people, netted in a sting operation dubbed "Wooden Nickel," with running a scam in the foreign currency market that defrauded retail investors and big Wall Street firms of millions of dollars. More>>

The Bottom Line: Whither The Dollar?

WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 - Few issues are more important for emerging market investors than the value of the U.S. dollar. More>>

White Paper on Islamic Bimetallic Currency More>>

The Joy of Ramadan Fasting

Fasting was ordained to us to learn self-restraint. “O you who believe fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you so that you can learn self restraint”. (Quran 2:183)

Dinar Recovering

Brace For A Bust As Bubbles Look Set To Burst

Hint Of A Bottom In Gold?

Sell Oil For Gold, Mahathir Tells Saudi Arabia

U.S. Hits 47 With Charges In Forex Sting

The Bottom Line: Whither The Dollar?

Arrested Oil Tycoon Passed Shares To Banker Rothschild

Al-Qaida Gold Trade, U.N. Says

Words Can Hurt

Feature: Singapore Getting Venture Capital

Mahathir Rebukes Bush

U.S. Slaps Ally Malaysia For Anti-semitism

Feature - IBRA To Sell All Banks Soon

Analysis - Carry Trade Unwinding Risks 1998-style Dollar Fall

Malaysia’s First Gold Dinar Available To Public Next Week

Special Forces 'prepare For Iran Attack'

The Real Reasons For The Upcoming War With Iraq:

Dollar Or Dinar?

Statement Of ISNA About War On Iraq

Baghdad: "City of Civilisation" in Gunsights

Islamic States Consider Oil As Anti-War Weapon

The Middle East Belongs In The World Economy

Turning Paper Into Gold By James Sinclair

The Fate For Gold And The U.S. Dollar Is Sealed

Undiscovered Gold Dynasty

Towards Greater Democracy In The Muslim World Ambassador Richard N. Haass

Gold Dinar: An Economic And Strategic Response To Chaos

Iran Sees Large Inflow Of Gold And Capital

The Islamic Gold Dinar

Transferrals of Debt in Islamic Law

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