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Japanese Aid For NGO's

LUSAKA, Mar 25 - The Japanese Government has given three organisations in Zambia over $180,000 under grassroot projects scheme aimed at creating direct support to local community schools and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Japanese ambassador to Zambia Hiroyuki Ishi has since called for transparency in the handling of the money as it was coming from taxpayers in Japan.

Mr Ishi said at the signing ceremony for the grants yesterday the money would be given to three organisations making commendable efforts in taking care of orphans and vulnerable children.

The first grant of $81,917 was given to Kara Counselling and Training Trust to facilitate the construction of Jon Hospice day care centre and provide all the necessary fittings.

The hospice would enable Kara Counselling host 100 children living with HIV/AIDS annually with access to medication, nutrition, basic education and the general care and support in a dignified environment.

Mr Ishi said Kara Counselling had continued receiving requests for more children to be admitted to the hospice centre but there had been limited space.

The second grant of $78,618 was given to the office of the district agriculture co-ordinator (DACO) in Mongu for the rehabilitation of a canal in the Sefula area.

The money would be used to drain the excess water from Sefula and make additional land for crop and livestock production.

The third grant of $20,113 was given to Chainda basic school parents teachers association in Lusaka for the construction of three classrooms in order to increase space for pupils.

by Times Reporter
Source: The Times of Zambia/All Africa Global Media

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