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Abracadabra - Zambia Clicks On To South African Magic !

CAPE TOWN, Apr. 16 - For years magicians have baffled audiences with unbelievable illusions and breathtaking sleight of hand. The secrets of their trade, however, have long been shrouded in mystery, and learning to become a magician has often proved to be an impossible task. Few people know, however, that thousands of budding conjurors from across the globe are now clicking online to learn to become magicians at the world's only magic teaching organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa. And Zambia is no exception !

For over 24 years the College of Magic has provided training to aspiring magicians in a unique six year Diploma Course which covers everything from grand stage illusions to the mystery of a simple coin vanish.

For the first time this year, the College of Magic offered their Diploma Course worldwide in a unique Distance Learning Programme and the response was simply phenomenal. Those students who are unable to join the regular classes at the College of Magic's Magical Arts Centre become part of a unique virtual Internet classroom of other magic students which combines online training with real-world practice.

"Anyone can learn magic," says College of Magic Director, David Gore. "Magic is like music - it crosses all boundaries." And to prove it, one just needs to have a look at the students. Ranging in age from eight to 88, these aspiring magicians come from all walks of life - scholars, doctors, teachers and professionals - and from nearly all around the world, too. "The College of Magic's Distance Learning Programme has students from as far a field as Canada, Singapore and Zambia," says Gore. "We have people learning magic in nearly every major country - it truly is a universal language !"

Students receive via courier a special program pack which contains all their magical equipment and props - everything they need to get them ready for their first class. They retrieve their weekly lesson plan from the student website which covers what magic they'll be learning whether it be making rabbits appear from nowhere or causing their magic wands to float through the air.

With a little bit of practise, the students master the magic in no time and just because they are learning from afar doesn't mean that they are alone. The College of Magic's dedicated team of instructors is on hand around the clock to provide support - just in case a little bit of
'abracadabra' is needed.

For more information on how you, too, can become a magician visit


The College of Magic is a leading magical arts organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa that specialises in the training of top magicians and entertainers. Over the past 24 years, the College of Magic has provided magical arts training to thousands of enthusiasts across the globe via our Distance Learning Unit. Supported by world famous illusionists, Siegfried and Roy, the College of Magic offers a unique six year curriculum covering everything from the grand illusions of the stage to intimate close-up miracles.

In conjunction with the Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund, the College of Magic also operates a special Magic in the Community Outreach project which allows students from disadvantaged sectors the opportunity of experiencing the benefits of the College's magical training. For further
information visit the College of Magic's website

Craig Mitchell
College of Magic
Tel: +27 83 324 9654
Fax: +27 21 794 5809

Craig Mitchell
Source: College of Magic's

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