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The Passion Of Christ Movie

I read the comments on The Passion of Christ Movie, and I want to comment in two words, about this movie, which vibrated the heart of the world. I think the movie had a negative impact on the nonbelievers and a very positive on the believers. While this extreme violence was expressed openly through acting, which reflect the truth; without doubts, it left a sour deep effect on the non-believers; on the other hand, it strengthened the faith of all the believers who attended it. I do not know the intention of Mel Gibson's movie production deep in his heart; but to me, he did not succeed to help the non-believers cross the bridge to the other side of the river... Did he? I hope that my view is wrong. I would like to see the Light shine in the Heart of people who are blinded by the darkness, which is blinding us from seeing the Truth. Did this heavenly Light shine in thee? I truly do not think so.

I must add that the violence was too disturbing to the point that I covered my face with my little helpless hands. I said to myself right through the movie " this is merely acting and splash of colors; too much blood without one scratch on the body...too artificial... could never reproduce reality". Nevertheless, I am determined to purchase the videotape once ready to sit down in my room and meditate deeply on the theme and the reality through meditation, which takes us back 2004 years ago.

How the actor failed to take by hand the Lost Children found in the desert sank in the mud of the pollution of evil egoism and materialism to the other side of the bridge? Well, of course, he needed to put more emphasis on Jesus Mercy and Unconditional Love for Humanity rather than projecting guilt on the innocent people coming from all nations including the Jews and the Romans. Yes Jesus was Jew and He loved His people as He did for all Humanity. He never was in favor to one particular nation or another. Never! For, He loved every one of us in the whole globe without exception across all the generations ever lived on this Earth. We all agree: He is Love!

In conclusion, I suggest to critics before judging or coming with a negative or a constructive criticism, to first climb up the top of the mountain of the world to be able to see clearly (without glasses manufactured by Man) and then soar freely beyond the horizon which limits the capacity of our sight where no mist nor polluted cloud of discrimination ever exist. No nearsighted are allowed to criticize wrongly. We must see through the eyes of Jesus before coming with any criticism. Then and only then, people of all nations would have the right to come with a sane & fair criticism with Jesus of Nazareth viewpoint only and His pure intention for sacrificing His own precious life to bring Joy and Peace to all Humanity. (His great incomparable Love and Mercy to all Humanity with one sole goal to pull us up from the misery and the mass, which Man created in his own hands through our history).

Thank you for allowing sharing my viewpoint about the Passion Of Christ movie! May the Lord Jesus heal the blind, the deaf, and the mute to witness for Truth. Amen!

Joy and Peace to the Whole World! Amen!

Jeannette of Nazareth
Always devoted to bring Joy & Peace of the Lord to the Whole World through music in simplicity and poverty.

Jeannette of Nazareth
Source: Special report for Zambezi Times

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