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10 Tonnes Coffee Exports Expected

LUSAKA, Feb 6 - Agriflora says over 10 tonnes of coffee is expected to be exported this year from farmers participating in Agriflora small scale and Coffee Board of Zambia scheme.

Small scale training manager Simon Nguluwe said in a statement in Lusaka yesterday that last season they did not do very well but next year the quantities would increase.

Mr Nguluwe said that in 2005 there should be over 50 tonnes which would go up to 500 tonnes by 2010 to be exported.

The scheme was happy with the support from Government through coffee board of Zambia.

He said that measures would soon be put in place to allow more farmers to participate and increase the harvest to over 100 tonnes valued at K5.7 million at today's prices.

He noted that farmers were currently growing export vegetables in the spaces between the coffee trees to allow them benefit double.

He explained that the European Union (EU) through CDE has supported the publication of technical field manuals written specifically for small-scale Zambian producers.

"This manual will be translated into vernacular language to allow more access to encourage coffee farming," he said.

He noted that the current farming economy encourages the production of export crops and for the first time coffee would this year exceed Zimbabwe.

Mr Nguluwe said coffee was a labour intensive crop especially at harvest creating well needed employment and wealth in rural areas.

And Zambia Coffee Growers extension consultant Richard Clowes said the coffee plantation managed by small scale farmers were some of the best seen in over 40 years of experience, advising and growing coffee in the region.

by Business Reporter
Source: The Times of Zambia/All Africa Global Media

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