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Iraq 4yrs To Hide WMP

CAMDEN USA, Dec. 09 - An Iraqi defector describing himself as a civil engineer, gave clues about types and possible locations of illegal labs, facilities and storage sites for, biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons that international inspectors say Iraq is hiding. He personally worked on renovations of secret weapons facilities in underground wells, private villas, and under the Saddam Hussein Hospital in Baghdad.

The defector says money is no object in Iraq's quest for weapons of mass destruction, and that many extra chemical and biological facilities were built in case some were discovered or attacked. Often the facilities stood idle for years until officials decided to use them, he said.

Duplicate nuclear facilities were also built as part of an Iraqi program that he called "Substitute Sites." He claimed to have done repair or construction work in facilities that were connected with all three classes of unconventional weapons--nuclear, chemical, and biological programs.

He described the biological facilities as among the most sensitive of all the weapons efforts. The word biological is never used, he said. "They always refer to it as chemical work."

The defector says that Iraq had begun using rooms in or under villas in residential areas and in commercial areas during the Persian Gulf War to protect weapons sites from allied bombing, but that they had now become a PERMANENT feature of Iraq's weapons programs.

He said that the "Presidential Sites" from which Saddam Hussein had tried to bar inspectors in 1997 were also used for concealment.

Saddam killed dozens of thousands of Iranians with chemical weapons during the 8 year war. He gassed to death 5000 men, woman and children in Halabja, Iraq on March 16th, 1988. Who in this world is stupid enough to believe that four years is not sufficient time to hide the weapons of mass destruction and the manufacturing facilities of them where they will not be found by the United Nations?

Lets not forget another recent Iraqi defector that says Saddam has never stopped manufacturing VX and other chemical agents, and that he has continued developing and producing and storing them at many mobile and fixed SECRET plants; many of them underground; even WHEN UN INSPECTORS WERE IN IRAQ IN THE 1990S.

Anyone that believes Saddam is not hiding weapons of mass destruction as well as manufacturing facilities for them, where the UN will not find them, does not comprehend just how dangerous Saddam Hussein is to his neighbors and the world.

The bottom line is; if he was willing to murder 5000 of his own men, woman and children on March 16th 1988, what is he willing to do to his neighbors and the rest of the world when he gets his hands on nuclear weapons? If I were one of his neighbors I would be begging the world to help get this man out of power, not whining about when and how to do it!!!!!!!
There would definitely be no "IF" about it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soon, God is LOVE, not hate, God is Great

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