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North Korea Dismantle

CAMDEN USA, Dec. 09 - The government of Kim Jong-il has said it is pressing ahead with a nuclear weapons program despite the 1994 agreement renouncing the program. This means the deal Clinton negotiated with his government, giving North Korea massive help with its energy needs from the US, Japan, South Korea and the European Union is now null and void.

Now that the Kim Jong-il government has renounced the agreement, as well as refused to let the International Atomic Energy Agency, Washington has no right to continue giving American citizens hard earned tax dollars to help the Stalinist government.

With thousands of missiles already pointed at freedom troops in South Korea, as well as whatever weapons of mass destruction they already have, war is the last option for the moment. Seoul is one of the largest cities in the world. With thousands of missiles within range of Seoul; a way must be found to disarm North Korea of its nuclear weapons without war if possible.

Because of the potential of so many millions of deaths in a war with the Kim Jong-il government, China is going to have to step up to the plate and force North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons programs. China provides most of North Korea's fuel oil and non-food aid imports. It is time for China to use its power to force Kim Jong-il to dismantle his nuclear weapons programs.

Besides the fact that North Korea has agreed to remain non-nuclear in its weapons capabilities, the last thing China needs is another neighbor with nuclear bombs.

The World Food Program is feeding about a third of North Korea's 23 million people after years of crop failures, bad weather and Stalinist style economic management, says North Korea urgently needs more food to feed its people.

The United Nations agency said it halted aid to three million people in western North Korea over the past two months and would be forced to cut off another 1.6 million people by early 2003 after a slump in backing from big donors, notably Japan. Although feeding the North Korean people is considered humanitarian aid and not linked to political or the nuclear issue, countries like Japan could help North Korea break out of its shell if only Kim Jong-il would do the correct thing by dismantling his nuclear programs.

According to North Korea's neighbors in the south, the north has begun "sweeping reforms," that are going to reverse the damage the Stalinist planned economy has done to destroy the North Korean economy. Reports from Seoul say the North is phasing out the rationing system in favor of a free market. I know that when the people of North Korea get the opportunity to improve their own lives, instead of depending on others to do so, they will jump on the chance and do so just as the Chinese have done!

China must do whatever it takes to force the Kim Jong-il government to dismantle its nuclear weapons programs and submit to the International Atomic Energy agency. China must start taking action NOW!!!!!!!

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