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Re: "The Real Facts About TRNC And The South Cyprus"

NAIROBI, KENYA, Nov. 21 - At the outset, I would like to put things right as to the so called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" (TRNC) and what the Zambian student calls "South Cyprus".

United Nations Security Council Resolution 541 of 18.11.2023 states, inter alia, the following : ". (The S.C.) Deplores the declaration of the Turkish Cypriot authorities of the purported secession of part of the Republic of Cyprus; considers the declaration referred to above {that is of the "TRNC"} as legally invalid and calls for its withdrawal; . Calls upon all states to respect the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and non-alignment of the Republic of Cyprus; Calls upon all States not to recognize any Cypriot State other than the Republic of Cyprus".

The European Court of Human Rights, in its Decision of May 2000 in the fourth recourse of the Republic of Cyprus against Turkey, concluded that the "TRNC" was in fact a "Subordinate local administration of Turkey".

Indeed, the illegal "TRNC" is the result of the illegal invasion and occupation, in July 1974, of one third of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus by the Turkish army.  To date, no country or international organization recognizes this illegal entity apart from Turkey.

I will now answer, point by point, the arguments of Mr. Kabungo.

Mr. Kabungo rightly points out that ". a wealth of art and architecture lies on the island.  Ancient theatres, fortresses, aqueducts, mosques, churches and tombs are among the many highlights".  What he forgets to mention is that since the forceful division of the island in 1974, the cultural heritage (churches, ancient monuments especially) situated in the occupied area, has been the subject of systematic looting and wanton destruction which is tolerated, if not orchestrated, by the illegal Turkish Cypriot regime.

When Cyprus became independent in 1960, the Treaty of Establishment did not make any mention to "political and sovereign equality of two national peoples, the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots".  What were mentioned in those Treaties were the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities.  Reference to so called "equal, sovereign peoples" in Cyprus is an invention of the Turkish side.

Yes, in the 1960‚s there were inter-communal clashes during which both sides mourned victims and suffered.  What Mr. Kabungo again forgets to mention is that those clashes were not the result of  a Greek Cypriot attack against their Turkish Cypriot compatriots but were provoked ˆ indeed planned ˆ by the Turkish Cypriot leadership and the T/C terrorist organization TMT aiming, since then, to the separation of the members of the two communities and the partition of the island.

Yes, there was ethnic cleansing in Cyprus but the victims were the Greek Cypriots living in the occupied area of Cyprus and not the T/C‚s.  Indeed some 200,000 Greek Cypriots were forcibly expelled from their ancestral homes and were rendered refugees in their country.  Furthermore, after the cessation of hostilities in August 1974, 20000 Greek Cypriots remained enclaved in the area which came under the control of the Turkish occupation army.  Today, that number has dwindled down to less than 500, mostly elderly people, as a result of deliberate policy of oppression, repression, humiliation and denial of basic human rights to those enclaved, on the part of the occupying power.

As to the claim that the "TRNC" enjoys "a democratic system based on respect of human rights, fundamental freedoms and liberties" allow me just to refer to the massive demonstrations of thousands of T/C‚s which took place in the last ten months against the illegal regime and particularly against the T/C leader Mr.  Denktash the resignation of whom has become their motto.  As to the "freedom and liberties" I just refer to the constant harassment and prosecution of opposition and progressive T/C journalists and newspapers (for more detailed information on this last issue, one can go to or 

Before Mr. Kabungo embarked on commenting the Annan plan submitted to the two sides by the UN Secretary General last February, he should first be better informed.  He should know that at The Hague, on March 11, 2003, where the two leaders met and had intensive negotiations with Mr. Annan, it was Mr. Denktash who rejected the plan ˆ and drove the negotiations to a collapse ˆ calling it unacceptable, "a trap for the T/C‚s aiming at their elimination from Cyprus".  Mr. Denktash even went as far as branding the plan as "a crime against humanity"!  To this date, Mr. Denktash still insists that the Annan plan is "dead and buried", contrary to the position of the government of the Republic of Cyprus which has accepted the plan as a basis for negotiations aiming at a just, viable, functional solution, compatible with the European acquis communautaire and based on the relevant provisions of the UN Security Council resolutions on Cyprus.

Before coming to the issue of the universities operating in the occupied area of the Republic  of Cyprus, I would like to say a few words pertaining to what Mr.Kabungo calls "the inhuman Greek Cypriot embargoes in all spheres"

One should know that following the illegal Turkish invasion and occupation of part of Cyprus, the internationally recognized Government of the Republic of Cyprus declared all ports of entry (i.e. ports and airports) situated in the occupied area where the Government was prevented from exercising its sovereign rights of control in various spheres, as closed to international navigation and air traffic and as illegal points of entry to the territory of the Republic.  What Mr. Kabungo and the Turkish side call „embargoes‰ are nothing else than legal measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to safeguard its interests and respect of the rule of law in the light of the occupation of one third of its territory.

As to the issue of the universities operating in the occupied area of Cyprus, it should be noted that what is primarily sought through the functioning of these universities, is financial gain and propaganda.  Indeed, in the light of the illegal status of the T/C entity and lack of international recognition, the regime tries to gain, albeit indirectly, recognition on the word arena by turning the occupied areas into a vast university campus.

Pertaining more particularly to the "Eastern Mediterranean University"  where Mr. Kabungo says is studying, one should know that this institution is housed in the premises of the former Higher Education Centre belonging to a Greek Cypriot refugee who was forced to leave his home town of Famagusta in 1974.  It should also be noted that the "EMU" is financed by an organization named El Tavlid El Eslam which has affiliations with terrorist organizations.

More generally, it should be noted that all universities operating in the occupied part of Cyprus do so without permission from the competent authorities of the legal Government of the Republic of Cyprus and consequently are considered to be illegal.

The fact that the main aim of the functioning of these universities is political and for propaganda reasons is also the principal reason behind the fact that the academic standard of these institutions is very low.

I could embark in a more detailed argumentation against the erroneous and biased text submitted by Mr. Kabungo but l will stop here and should the need arise, I will revert back to the issue at hand.

High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus
Nairobi, Kenya
Constantinos Eliades

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