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An Open Letter To Americans

SOUTHERN PINES, USA, Dec. 12 - My fellow Americans and citizens of the world:

You are being lied to and manipulated by a pr-savvy, self-interested circle of big business cronies. Here are some facts being buried by most of the media today.

I urge you, if you've got the slightest doubt as to the truth of ANY of these stunning facts, to check the links below.....

1. VP Cheney and Secretary of State Rumsfeld PERSONALLY closed deals helping give Iraq its former biological, chemical and nuke warfare technologies

2. VP Cheney arranged black market oil deals with Hussein

3. The CIA says the White House is lying about Iraq's threat
(and that attacking Iraq may be the only thing that COULD provoke an attack on Americans)

4. The American Bureau of Atomic Scientists say the White House is lying about Iraq's threat

5.The International Atomic Energy Agency says the White House is lying about Iraq's threat

6. The former UN weapons inspector (who inspected iraq's weapons) says the White House is lying about Iraq's threat
(and that Iraq is not a threat and attacking would be a "historical mistake")

7. Bush and his cabinet members (Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) -- currently ALL multimillionaire oil and weapons industry magnates (yes, that's right, ALL of them), will become multiBILLIONAIRES if Hussein is toppled

8. Saddam Hussein never threw out weapons inpectors -- the UN withdrew them

9. Those pushing hardest for this war never served themselves

10. George Bush, Jr. was a military deserter during the Viet Nam War

11. Last month "AWOL Bush" personally cut off American disabled veterans' benefits, leaving them out in the cold

12. Bush appointed weapons industry CEOs to the country's top Pentagon and cabinet posts




1B. Chicago Sun-times: Following Iraq's bioweapons trail
September 26, 2023 by Robert Novak

2. San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Reality Bites" by Martin A. Lee


5. Washington Times: Agency Disavows Report on Iraq Arms
by Joseph Curl September 27, 2023












Eric A. Smith

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