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Re: Re: Zambia Maps Strategy To Tax Nurses Abroad

LUSAKA / ZAMBIA, Jan. 22 - I would like to advise my minister, Honourable Chituwo over his suggestion that nurses working abroad should be taxed.

Sir, this is a very good suggestion on which you want to build a name from. but remember the fact that no one would want leave his or her own country to go and seek for greener pasture else where when things are in place in their country.
This means that, you as a minister with such smart ideas you have got first of all to put things in place. Insure that there are employment opportunities of course with good conditions of service so as to attract those wishing to seek for employment elsewhere. you got to ensure that there is no corruption in your government, and we are not interested in the national anthem you and your government is singing day in day out without any solution to it, we are interested in actions. gone are the days when Zambians used to be cheated by cheep politicians who where only interested in their own personal gain and not matters of national interest.

I am appealing to your government sir, to look into these issues critically itís only then, that people will be interested to hear those smart ideas from you. I understand the fact that, itís quiet a good idea but such ideas only work well when ever all necessary measures are put in place. your government have got to stop this idea of talking about corruption when there are people in charge to do their jobs and then you do what you supposed to do in your offices. We have ant corruption commission in place almost every thing in place but I just wonder why we donít progress in Zambia. Letís forget about Chiluba and his didís and letílook at the way foward. I really get saddened when I hear the president talk about cases concerning Chiluba and his team. You know out of all what he says, concerning thise issues there are no solutions in any case, all those accused of such none of them is been jailed or is been come out with a case so why go ahead with it. It simply shows the failiers in either the implimentation of the so called corruption cases or the failiers in coming up with the cases from the accused.

So we are not interested into hearing such kind of stories Mr. Minister when all these are sourted out, that is when your smart ideas will be welcomed.

Disappointed Zambian

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