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Re: Freedom Quote

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, Jan. 25 - Please, excuse me for passing the limits of my "ARTS-section" over but i need to response to the John Swinton's confessional words...
As everyone can read, you understand just half the matter. I applaud aloud your sincerity and i have to admit the emotional power of your metaphorical Phrase "We are intellectual prostitutes.". But as all the people know, this metaphor is so distant from truth as the American press from the freedom of printing.

Prostitutes do their work instead of avoiding it on saying all the time that they are carrying it out. Prostitutes work really hard and most of cases on suffering hardship. Prostitutes haven't the responsibility of being influencing millions of minds by writing would be honest thoughts. Prostitutes are never expected to be honest, but even so, unlike you they honestly work because their "acting" is a well-known fair deal between them and their clients. Prostitutes never needed to go to university for learning their skills. Prostitutes are scorned by society. Most of prostitutes lack your "talent" (even though they've got others) and your "possibilities" for (to use your own words) "looking for another job". Prostitutes are thousandfold more decent than the bought columnists who, being able to look for another job, just cunningly fill up pages with stack black courier fonts to keep their well off style of living.

Most of prostitutes are VICTIMS of society. You are not victims but ACCOMPLICES of a criminal gang that govern your country, which you support by dint of silence to feed the greed of your easy living.
You perfectly know that never it's too late to search for a decent job...
Artisantiago, Zambezi Times' arts-editor

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