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PHLIPPINES, Jan. 01 - Press Release:

As the wave of investment fallouts spread across the globe, many people are becoming fearful and even paranoid about their future. Anger, hatred and psychosis is spreading like a disease epidemic after the classical guidelines of moderation, diversification, and true love for the 'Self' were forgotten. And with the prospect of an American-led war looming in the horizon, the cyclical patterns of history are repeating once again. The 20th century experienced the manic "Roaring 20s," followed by the "Great Depression of the 30s" and the schizophrenic 2nd World War. And although this cycle is repeating once again, it is not the end of the world.

A new book by Rodney St. Michael, titled Illuminati: Healing and Developing the Mind, gives a diagnosis of your current situation. Then it outlines the cause and the prescription for your ailments. It gives a "straightforward," no-nonsense approach to the resolution of your problems and the remedy for world peace in a mad world.

Book Synopsis:

Beat the blues! If you've been searching for the right way to manage any type of psychological difficulty, then this essential guide is just what you need to revitalize your life!

However, this book is also for the five faces of society--the working class, the militants, the shamans, the scholars and the business class. Just as the mind is composed of five similar elements, which can be regrouped into the ancient trinity model of the mind, society--from the micro-level of the family to the macro-level of the universe--is also composed of the pentagon or trinity model. For instance, the ancient shamans of Mindoro's Hanunoo Mangyans believe that individuals have three "souls." A neutral one on the
head, a bad one on their left side and a good one on their right side. In the Hindu culture, this is translated into Vishnu "The Preserver," Siva "The Destroyer" and Brahma "The Creator." Plato, in The Republic, later calls these elements as the rational side (scholars), the desiring side (the business class, militants and working class) and the spirited side (shamans), respectively. But in 1923, Sigmund Freud--the Western Father of Psychoanalysis--calls it the mediating Ego, the desiring Id and the spirited Superego.

And as the ancients say, if the scholarly mediating rational side is in control of the two other irrational sides, then there is health, peace and harmony within the individual. This Middle Way technique may be a bit tricky at first, but with enough practice, it will ensure a happy family, community, country and Universe.

About the Author:

Rodney St. Michael received a degree in business administration, majoring in computer applications, from a major university run by a French Catholic order. He also lived in California, where he pursued undergraduate studies in computer science. The author later worked as an officer in a leading American bank and as the training head for the contact centers of top American Internet Service Providers. He is also the author of Little Voices: A True Paranoid Schizophrenic Adventure.

Book Formats:

ISBN Paperback 0-595-25966-9
ISBN Hardcover 0-595-65472-X
EISBN MS Reader 0-595-74332-3
EISBN Adobe eBook 0-595-74333-1

Available @
You may also call toll-free in the US: 1-877.823.9235 or 1-402.323.7800 for international orders

The following URLs show you where to download the book's text contents and jacket cover. Since the files are large, it may take a few minutes to download the Adobe Acrobat PDF files. But my entire new book is also browsable for FREE online at my website @

Book's Text: (2.95 Mb)

Hard Cover Dust Jacket: (6.95 Mb)

Adobe Acrobat TALKING eBook Reader:

This book will benefit all your readers, especially during these insane, terroristic times. I do hope that you can accommodate this book in your publication.

Thank you very much!

Rodney St.Michael

Rodney St.Michael

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