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Purity Is Power At Lumumba Road Secondary School

LUSAKA, June 23 - The Lumumba Road Secondary School HIV/AIDS Presentation was another successful story from a series of presentation the YFWP have lined up this year. The YFWP have targeted to visit 50 schools in Lusaka alone before the end of the year.

The Presentation started at exactly 14:00hrs in the school hall. All the classes were told to attend the presentation. An estimated 180 pupils drawn from Grades 8-12 attended.

The presentation started with a Drama or rather comedy news from comedian Big Muzo West (Kaseba), as he is popularly known. This drew pupils into great excitement.

Mr. Chisenga, YFWP (Zambia Chapter) President then requested the pupils to follow up as he presented a one-hour talk on the theme “Living AIDS free”, a zero transmission lifestyle. The pupils were so much moved and the school staff were too participating in the question and answer session after the presentation.

After the Presentation Comedian big muzo west can with a play entitled bana Musonda.

The play depicted how pupils should guard themselves from being defiled, molested or raped by someone who could be a closer relative. The play was made possible and more excited in that big muzo west recruited the pupils from the school to take up certain characters in bana Musonda play.

After the all exercise the YFWP asked the Teacher in Charge to recognize YFWP as one of the clubs to help build responsible youths at Lumumba school. The Teacher agreed. He praised our approach of abstinence as a way to fight AIDS. He lamented that he was moved by the presentation and confessed that he never knew there were dangerous diseases like Human papiloma Virus. He also wondered whether we are being paid to do this noble work of assisting the youths. He promised to keep the Lumumba doors open for YFWP visits.

The pupils were later invited to come to the peace embassy on Saturday morning for a Youth friendly chat held there every Saturday.

They promised to come and most of them registered as members.

The Programme ended at 16:30hrs with a slogan of “purity is power”.

Source: ZTO / allAfrica Global Media

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