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Picture Perfect Productions To Produce Feature About KK

LUSAKA, May 17 - Picture Perfect Productions, the producers of Zambian soap opera, Kaba-nana, in conjunction with a South African production house will produce a Docu drama feature about Zambia's first Republican president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.

Picture Perfect Promotions executive officer Chilufya Chilangwa told the Parliamentary Committee on Information and Broadcasting chaired by UNIP Chadiza member of parliament Philip Zulu on Friday that the project, which was under its fundamental research stage, was scheduled for production next year.

Chilangwa said they had invited Dr. Kaunda to participate on the programme.

She said apart from the productions in the pipeline, her organisation had developed a relationship with the Canadian Embassy and a South African correspondent for assistance in training their staff in acting, directing, editing and producing.

She said without proper infrastructure, government support and training for all sectors of the film industry, the industry would remain non-existent.

Chilangwa stated that her organisation had in the years it had been in existence, made strides to improve the quality of productions.

She told the committee that in 1999, PPP approached then information minister Newstead Zimba who assured them of government technical support through the Zambia Information Service.

She said the assistance, however, had a cost tied to it that was beyond what Picture Perfect Productions could afford. The organisation then left to enter into a commercial agreement with the Zambia National broadcasting Corporation.

Chilangwa said ever since her organisation approached the government in 1999, there had not been immediate initiative from the Zambian government to support the film industry.

"Government needs to play its part in the industry by putting infrastructure in place for the film industry," she said.

She also said all training institutions should have a curriculum specifically designed for film production.

Chilangwa called for a clear policy on tax waiver for the film industry.

"This can be targeted towards acquiring cameras or any other technical equipment needed to produce a feature. Further, a tax waiver can even go as far as exempting the private sector on funds spent on promoting the film industry," Chilangwa said.

She also said the Ministry of Tourism could play its part in promoting Zambia as an attractive venue for shooting films.

By Speedwell Mupuchi
Source: The Post / allAfrica Global Media

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