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Jordan Katembula III To Be Unleashed

NEW YORK, June 19 - It is a new dawn for Zambian music. One unnamed youth recently commented on how, "Zambian music is of da hook." While perhaps not expressed in the most eloquent of phrases, the message is clear. We as Zambians can now stand proud of our musicians, stand proud of the sense of identity and unity that they are bring to the nation of Zambia. With the rise in music quality and the emergence of a new breed of Zambian musicians, the full metal of some of our more established musicians is being tested. Are we about to see the rise and fall of what were at one point some of our most popular musicians? Will these musicians become oblivious memories, now out of sight and out of mind?

With a third album nearly upon us, Jordan Katembula formally known as JK will endure such a test. In midst of unwarranted and very unfair speculations, on top of what was a seemingly below par second album, will JK prove once again why he is Zambia‚s greatest selling musician and most talented music prospect to date? Or will he seal his fate as another great artist living in an illusive memory of yesteryear?

In a recent conversation with the man himself, JK was quick to admit that things have changed. "There is a lot of competition and artists are getting better", states JK. "This was inevitable though", according to JK, "the music industry is doing better and artists can now make a living through music." JK admits that he has had to work hard to ensure his third album marks his "reinvention". "Fans will not be disappointed," JK adds.

While JK avoided divulging too much information about his upcoming third album ŚJK III‚, he did state that the time away from the spotlight has allowed him to mature as a person and a musician. JK is grateful for his loyal fans that have stuck with him through thick and thin and hopes that he can continue to build bridges through his music, not only with public, but also with promoters and stakeholders of the music industry alike.

While the nation can look forward to what JK III has to offer, so will Zambians and fans in the U.S.A, where JK will be on tour this coming August. JK claims, "It is the support that I received in New York that prompted this move." Mawano Kambeu of Milestone Entertainment, J.K‚s U.S management company, seconds this view. "The New York show in January was beyond every expectation." He states. Kambeu explained that JK was very well received, a capacity crowd came from far and wide, including members of the diplomatic core came to lend their support, despite the fact the this show was in a remote part on New York, during the coldest week of the year, and on top of that patrons had to face a snow storm to attend. Kambeu further admits there was a lot of trial and error in the January show, it being the first time a Zambian musician had flown to the U.S.A particularly for a show. Kambeu concludes that, "We know what areas went wrong and on August 7th JK is committed to giving his New York fans a show they will not forget." While JK has proved his popularity on the east coast of the United States, Milestone Entertainment are requesting various promoters and music lovers across the rest of the country contact them to ensure that JK is accessible to all of his fans across the country.

The current trends in the market will only prove to test JK's sheer quality. Industry analysts speculate Zambian music is far from reaching its peak. Development always starts from within and eventually spreads out. JK is without a doubt one of our best music prospects for international stardom. This however can only occur if JK can truly rise to his full potential, and if we the nation stand firmly behind him. While the future of Zambian music is positively blur, JK's immediate future and role is clear. With JK III he is coming back bigger and better than ever before. The countdown begins.

Event: JK III The U.S.A tour
August 6th 2004 Lowell, MA
August 7th 2004 Queens, NY
(Stay tuned for further developments)
For further information or to book JK please call Milestone Entertainment at 203 654 6228

Anthony Sichinga
Source: Milestone Entertainment

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