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Unifying Freedom Idea

NAZAIRE, Sept. 29 - For Sub-Saharan and Latin American, there is the need of unity that is predominant. The question is unity with which model?

Through arts and cultures exchanges, the people could come to appreciate each other. Music and film festivals should excel the true color of life, its diversity.

Artisantiago is trying hard on our Arts columns to share his vision on African documentary Film production.

Jeannette of Nazareth in our Community section this week reminded us of John Lennon famous quote: ÏLet us together give Peace a ChanceÓ.

World became tougher, with meager chances for entrepreneurs, and green light for multinationals free-riders. This should not give us any excuses.

Religion has being alienating the masses, while true spirituality will elevate us rather than oppress.

French Free Thinkers had some bright ideas. Separation of Church and State, the opposite of what is happening in Washington's circles today.

Bush holy crusades verses Un-democratic oil-riches Islamic nations, in order to fill some TexansÌ pockets, and break the world economy with a 50US$ a barrel of crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Many countries should follow the example of Argentina's central bank, for backing its reserve with gold. We cannot let our lives being taken hostage from Monetarians worshiping the mighty US dollar.

Hijacking is everywhere, from our Internet browser to the street of Baghdad. Also governments can be controlled by neo-cons like in the White House.

World leaders are parading inside the Beltway of Washington, DC, worshiping and paying their dues to the false king of the world.

President Kibaki, Mwanawasa, and others from African and Latin American nations should strengthen their unity, not to be bog down with new loans, without being able to face the interest payments of formers loans.

From governments to individual like myself, the serial killer called ÏCreditÓ can choked us. This is a well-intentioned disease, design to enslave us.

A US reality is that only the workers pay the healthcare bill, with a 59% increase in the last 4 years, while tax breaks and havens are offered to the wealthy ones: a democracy parody.

Unity to be powerful must come from the roots: within own self, with nature, with our neighborhood, with the leaders which we elected on true democracy principles.

Today I call on all the Zambezi basin souls to join in, and send in thoughts, articles, graphics and ideas on how Joy, Peace and Freedom can be achieved. Why not extend the call to our Southern Latin American connections, and witness a brewing arts and cultures mix.

Luc N Babin
Zambezi Times Online (read times)

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