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The New Way Of Enlightenment

JAPAN, Nov. 25, 2004 - I, Syaka Kannon (Buddha & the God of Mercy), also known as Masahiko Oyama, decided to write a scripture, in person, based on previous reflections I had made. It is about the spiritual world in which man and animals live after death. To prove the existence of the spiritual world, I perform miracles wherever I go. I invite the spirits from the spiritual world to the human world so as to let them be felt and touched. The goal of my teaching is to lead man to a life of sacrificial love for others, for animals and plants, for deities and spirits, without any attachment to money, material and rights. And I will show the truth of this doctrine and its scripture by performing miracles wherever I go.

The Power of Salvation
The power of salvation and guidance cannot appear with ì the un-awakened heart towards the spiritual world. î However hard you may recite existing scriptures, with the heart unguided by the spiritual world, your efforts would be in vain and you therefore, would not receive the power of salvation from neither God nor Buddha.

The Transcendental Power
The transcendental power here does not mean merely a psychic ability or Chi Kung. There is no such transcendental power that is hostile to the spiritual being and the spiritual world. The spiritual being is not manís enemy. The word ì enemy î and the heart of resentment, belong only to human beings. The transcendental power simply does not dwell in such a heart. Also, there is no ìjusticeî or ìdevilî from the beginning. Man invented them. Man belongs to the spiritual world and all souls are one.

The True Transcendental Power
The true transcendental power is the power that understands the joy and also the suffering of spirits, animals and plants, man and all deities. It can give spiritual readings about a life plan as well as predict future events. It also has the prayer power to change or avoid future events. The spirits trust this transcendental power, so they obey easily and they are persuaded to cooperate and to carry out tasks. This power gets information from the spirits, and gives information back to them. It also has the power to perform the spiritual healing for all beings. If there is no trusted relationship with the spiritual world, there is no true transcendental power.

Unless the fourth chakra, ì Anahata Chakra ì, is fully open and has the ability to handle energy, the true transcendental power will not work properly. In order to open the fourth chakra, the solar chakra, and make it progress, it is necessary to have love and compassion for plants and a belief in the spiritual world. A power without a heart connected with the spiritual world, or without a heart trusting in the spirits cannot go beyond the Chi Kung, or its own psychic power which works by merely absorbing the universal energy. In that case, it is not done by the guidance from the spiritual world. It is important to realize the limit of human ability alone. Therefore, it is essential to obtain the infinite power and wisdom from the spirits.

The Use of The Transcendental Power
Clearly, its uses are to save other people, other than oneself, spirits, animals and plants, and all deities. It is not useful for individual gain because such transcendental power for selfish purposes does not exist.

Interchange with The Spirits
The person with the true transcendental power can give guidance to animals and plants, and make them sleep by using the healing power. He can also have an influence on clouds and rain, and change their state. He can also ask for cooperation from the spirits and perform a spiritual healing and a spiritual liberation. He has the will power so powerful that is cannot be influenced by physical law. As he can connect with the spiritual world freely and can obtain wisdom beyond manís possessions, he has strong influence on both the physical and the spiritual world.

The Spiritual Healing
The act of calling the spirit guides from the spiritual world is what essentially performs spiritual healing. It is completely different from the Chi Kung treatment, which is limited in its power to heal. The spiritual healing is not done with human power but with help from the spirits of great wisdom and infinite power. In order to interchange with the spirits, connection with the spiritual world is required. Afterwards, it is possible to do healing by the guidance of the spirit guide, the direct laying-on of hands healing or distant healing by sending out thought. Furthermore, a very effective treatment will be given by combining spiritual healing with spiritual liberation. The level of energy used for healing is varied according to the condition.

The Attachment of a Spiritual Entity
All human beings are attached by about an average of five spiritual entities due to the structure of the spiritual world. Although the grade of penetration of manís physical body varies, in case where two or three spiritual entities penetrate the body completely, a person may feel pain to such an extent that he can hardly stand up. In case of a shallow invasion of the head, the throat, hands or feet, the person might get a headache, suffer from poor eyesight, lose their hearing, find it hard to think clearly, be irritated, feel displeasure, have a cough which he can not stop, hand and foot start to ache and feel numb. The body feels as if there is a weight around its waist, feel a languid, or morbid pain. In this case, if the person with true transcendental power liberates the spiritual entities correctly, the pain will disappear immediately and all conditions will improve. Please understand that even though spiritual entities disturb men, they are innocent and donít have any bad intentions in doing this.

The spiritual Liberation
Performing the spiritual liberation is not the main objective. Removing spiritual entities from man is not the true purpose. The main objective is to fulfill the desires of poor spirits.

Because of the weaknesses of the heart, some spirits of the dead remain in the physical realm as earthbound spirits unable to go back to the spiritual world. As a result of liberating earthbound spirits and sending them back to The Absolute God, manís spiritual disturbances disappear. Accordingly, the delusion and sadness of the spirits is resolved.

Since spirits do not have an idea of death or knowledge of the afterlife and of the spiritual world, the spirits are unable to go back to the spiritual world.

Therefore, I, Syaka Kannon, show miracles wherever I go, in order to make you understand the existence of the spiritual world, and convey the heart of the spiritual world. By connecting my consciousness with the spiritual world, I talk with the spirits to understand their situation. Afterwards, if they accept the spiritual liberation, I send them back to The Absolute God.

About the meaning of existence involving the spiritual world, the realm of earthbound spirits, the human world and God, I dare not try to carry out the explanation here because there are facts which present day humanity would find hard to accept.

If I were to try to express the spiritual world in general terms including the human world including animals, and the realm of earthbound spirits, the structure could be represented as in fig 1.

From the first layer to the 46th layer the soul exists as gods and exists on another dimension on the earth. The realm of earthbound spirits and the human world, including animals, exist on the earth. After death, the soul either returns to the spiritual world immediately, or incarnates as a human being or an animal, or goes to the realm of earthbound spirits.

Animals and human beings are the same souls, there is no distinction. The only difference is the possibility of incarnating as an animal or a man. When the spiritual level becomes less than first level of consciousness according to oneís deeds in life, incarnation as an animal is determined due by the law of the spiritual world, as shown in fig 1. In case of incarnating as an animal, there are possibilities to incarnate as an insect, a reptile, a bird, a fish, an amphibian and a mammal, according to oneís level of consciousness. While living as an animal, if it is judged that the first layer of consciousness is deserved, one returns as a human. In some cases, the administrator may make one rise to five levels according to distinguished services one has carried out during oneís lifetime.

The Absolute God exists on the 47th layer. The entire human world including animals, the realm of earthbound spirits and the 46th layersí spiritual world are created by his consciousness. His consciousness created energy as well as the entire universe.

The soul is encouraged to rise spiritually from the first to the 46th layer. According to the level reached, the soul takes charge of a task in the spiritual world. Then, when the soul opens its ability to sustain a higher state of consciousness, it will become one of the administrators of the spiritual world. Eventually, it becomes the Absolute God.

The first to 47th layers are called consciousness layers, which can think and act, existing as the heart/consciousness/light energy/vibration. If the souls are in the same layer, the fundamental nature of the soul is the identical to it, which is called spirituality. When they are in the same layer, it is said that they have the same spirituality. When a consciousness layer is situated on the higher realm, it is considered spiritually high. In order to raise spirituality, acts of self sacrifice filled with love for family, relatives, ancestors, others, animals and plants are required. In the spiritual world, only these types of acts will be given merit. Even though the present spirituality is high, the actions in the present life are not always good. Therefore, a man of high spirituality up to the last life has a possibility only to fall down or regress during the present life. On the other hand, even a man of low spirituality up to the last life can have a chance to reach high spirituality by leaps and bounds in the present life. When a man comes to be able to stabilize and maintain a higher state of spirituality, he takes responsibility to carry on a task in the spiritual world, and then he will become an administrator of the spiritual world and finally will become the Absolute God. The Absolute God creates another spiritual world.

Concerning the vertical change of spirituality, there is a possibility to fall sharply; for example, it can fall 10 layers in a short time. It happens when the spiritual world recognizes a slander, or a deceived heart and action. In the spiritual world, everything can be seen, so no soul can perform a deceitful act at all as can be done in the human world. About upward motion, it goes up, in principle, one level at a time. When the administrator recognizes a remarkable distinguished deed, it goes up automatically according to the evaluation.

When existing in a consciousness layer as a god (soul), we can understand all of the action and the motion of the heart of the human world including animals and the realm of earthbound spirits. Then, we can descend on the human world or the realm of earthbound spirits at will. When incarnating on the human world, we have the physical body and when descending on the realm of earthbound spirits, we have the transparent body. When we descend, we lose the great wisdom and infinite power as a god, and the information of the spiritual world ceases to arrive on real time unless he has a special ability to connect with the spiritual world.


The structure of a human birth is shown in the fig. 2. Mr. ìAî who belonged to a certain spiritual level submits the coming lifetime plan to a plan administrator. If it is accepted, while leaving the greater portion of Mr. îAî ës spirituality behind in the spiritual world, the part descends as a spirit and awaits entry into a human body. In accordance with a physical body administratorís schedule, the soul enters into the physical body at the time of birth, and is born as a baby. The life plan, which the soul had designed before birth, contains many element such as the experience of suffering, worry, joy and pleasure written and submitted by the soul itself. Therefore, as long as we live, we have to live to the best of our abilities. As the heart of the soul is valuable, so is the physical body that serves the soul during his lifetime.

At the time of death, the soul, which entered into the body at the time of the baby, leaves the physical body along with the heart and consciousness, and becomes the spirit of the dead. The souls return to their level of spirituality in the spiritual world via the realm of earthbound spirits (in some cases, may return to the spiritual world directly or return to the human world immediately). And then, the soul transmits his consciousness containing all lifetime experiences as memory, heart and feeling to his greater part of the spirituality/Higher Self that has remained in the spiritual world. After integration with his Higher Self and becoming whole again, the soul returns as a god. As soon as the soul returns as a god, he will become the perfect soul with the memory and knowledge learned and experienced in the present and previous lives lived as both human and animal. This is the essence of human beings. This is the substance of human beings.

The death of the heart and consciousness do not exist originally.

Finally, I will tell you once more because it is a very important fact: Man doesnít end with death. Manís substance is the perfect being which reunites with the Higher Self, that is a god when it returns to the spiritual world. Even if your level of spirituality is low at the present moment, donít be sad about it; remember to live for others. Without thinking of yourself, do for others. Caring for others is the only spiritual law which leads to a higher level of spirituality.

Moreover, you donít need to worry even you donít earn money, honors or rights. The important thing is to make the most effort in the present moment by aiming for the short distant goal. Sooner or later as death finally arrives, you will return as a god.

Remember, if you have a self-centered thought or seek personal gain unconsciously:
1. Even if you make a contribution and do volunteer activity, you cannot get any reward.
2. Even if you understand existing doctrines, recite and copy scriptures, however hard you may try, you will not get any merit.
3. Your spirituality will not grow at all
4. Even if you might visit a grave, a shrine or Buddhist temple, you cannot expect any spiritual salvation, mercy from the spiritual world and you will never reach enlightenment.

In fact, these laws of the spiritual world existed from ancient times, since the earthís beginning. Although there were many existing doctrines and scriptures, no one had ever attained the enlightenment of the law of the spiritual world, nor had anyone ever understood its contents correctly.

Originally, there was no law of enlightenment for self-salvation.

In order to save yourself, however hard you may have tried to understand the heart of God or Buddha, you would never have attained enlightenment. The way of life only for yourself has never existed.

This is the last New Way of Enlightenment presented to you from me.

I invite you to come together, and understand this doctrine correctly, to study the true knowledge about the spiritual world and the right way of praying, and to practice it. Then, and only then, can your spirit grow higher. Your heart will have ìthe flame of a golden auraî and you will be able to have self-sacrificing love. Pray for your parents, grandparents, and those who have already returned to the spiritual world, this act will save you after all.
The New Way of Enlightenment is the only true way to save you.

This is the last truly New Way of Enlightenment, which all existing religions couldnít know. I, Syaka Kannon, as the Absolute God, as the administrator and the parent of the spiritual world present this to all of you.

And finally, I will show the truth of this doctrine and its scripture written by me by performing miracles wherever I go.

      I, Syaka Kannon, became the Absolute God on November 13, 2004.
      With my two Syakaís seal, this scripture written by me becomes official.
      First edition November 5, 2023
      Revised November 24
      Written by Syaka Kannon

Syaka Kannon (Masahiko Oyama)

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