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Toyota Zambia Stakes K50 Million Towards Moto-Cross Championship

LUSAKA, Apr. 28 - Toyota Zambia has staked K50 million for the sponsorship of the 2004 Zambia national moto-cross championship becoming the main sponsor of all motor-cycle events this season.

Toyota Zambia managing director Brian Stevenson announced the sponsorship package during a Press briefing yesterday saying his company was happy to be associated with the success of the sport in the past few years.

Stevenson commended the Zambia Motor Sports Association (ZMSA) and its motor-cycle commission for developing the sport in Zambia to the great heights it had reached.

"Toyota Zambia acknowledges the ZMSA efforts of trying to make the sport accessible to the masses, affordable to the participants and also making it recognised," Stevenson said.

The moto-cross sponsorship comes a few weeks after Toyota Zambia also joined the list of sponsors for the Zambia International motor rally with Stevenson saying his firm's fours years of involvement in motor sports had proved worthwhile.

Both ZMSA president Derek Conroy and motor-cycle commission vice-president Marco Comana thanked Toyota Zambia for the gesture saying the support of the business community was invaluable.

Conroy observed that motor sport had expanded significantly in Zambia during the last two years with 32 events lined up for this year alone.

"ZMSA is pleased to welcome Toyota Zambia as the main sponsor for the 2004 national moto-cross championship. Toyota Zambia have supported motor sports for many years," he said.

In welcoming the windfall from Toyota Zambia, Comana said the sport had improved in the past four years from one circuit to four, from six competitors to 60 with 15 AMU officials being licenced and becoming the biggest off-road nation after South Africa on the continent.

He said the next event on the calendar would be the championship in Lusaka West followed by the Super-cross in Kitwe at the end of the month with two events being staged under floodlights.

By Sports Reporter
Source: The Times of Zambia / allAfrica Global Media

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