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Booming Security Business

NIZZA, Apr. 4 - Madrid alleged suspects for March 11 terrors have been terminated. We won’t be able to hear from them, but only from the media’s interpretations.

Twelve Billions dollars have been spent since 9/11 on airports security in America, and another four billions this year. How can the business minded community not jump into this bandwagon, covering up for the past and present failures of our politics.

Companies are developing systems to screen for everything from explosives to bioterrorism threats at the cost of our freedom and privacy. And the world cheers the long awaited reversal of the US economy, forgetting about the lies that led to that situation.

A leading market analyst says he has spotted suspicious trading in gold and the dollar --which could herald an imminent huge terror event in the Middle East or Europe.

Jim Sinclair says he can see the pattern of a new 9/11 in recent trading. Sinclair says that as soon as the spiritual leader of the terror group Hamas was killed by Israeli forces, he began to see a pattern of market intervention which means that some new group or strategy is in play on world markets.

Many informed insiders recall the suspicious trading in airline stocks just before 9/11 --trading which was never properly investigated at the time. Sinclair remembers it well. He is a former advisor to the Hunt Oil family and a world-renowned expert on the gold markets.

The intervention is driving up both the dollar and gold. Sinclair fears it is designed to benefit from an unthinkable event in the Middle East or Europe which triggers a flight into dollars and gold. This would drive the price of oil to at least $60 if not higher.

Meanwhile, Kroll Inc, Custer Battles and Blackwater USA are making a killing in Iraq. They are called International risk management companies, providing protection from bullets and bombs that flies daily on coalition forces.

This is like a giant paint-ball party. Some actors wear green or black turbans; others may wear black or green berets for example. They are professionals and everybody is on the same payroll, but to cash the check you have to “outrun the slow camper”.

In retaliation of Sheikh Yassin’s assassination, last week in Falluja four from Blackwater USA were killed. The merry-go-round: ‘in support of freedom and democracy everywhere”. The more threats, the bigger budget in security, and long live to the new economy.

Luc N Babin
Editor-in-chief, Zambezi Times

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