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Private Lynndie England - The Great American Heroine

MOSCOW, May 11 - Loyal to her country, loyal to her unit, Private Lynndie England, the true and great American heroine, went to fight for her country, to topple an evil dictator and overthrow an evil regime, which tortured its citizens and invaded foreign countries illegally.

Private Lynndie England, from a trailer park somewhere in the USA, was sent to fight for her President and Defense Secretary thousands of miles overseas, along with the "boys". They duly won the war in which practically the only shots fired were those by American and British troops who slaughtered ten thousand civilians, mutilated thirty-five thousand others and cost the US taxpayers the nifty sum of almost two hundred thousand million hard-earned dollars, as they trashed the civilian infra-structures of Iraq and handed out billionaire contracts to the corporate elite which thrives on the US taxpayer as the rich become richer and the fat more bloated.

Private Lynndie England and her fellow torturers were unleashed on Iraqi detainees, protected under the Geneva Convention, like Gestapo elements in concentration camps during the Second World War. True, this time there were no gas chambers or ovens to hide the evidence but the difference lies only here.

Private Lynndie England, the great American heroine, then perpetrated the most vile and shocking acts of sexual perversion and depravity ever seen on TV anywhere in the world since Auschwitz or Dachau or Treblinka, along with many of her American colleagues, in a months-long orgy of ecstasy, as their prisoners screamed and writhed in agony.

Had the United States of America opened the doors of every prison and psychiatric hospital and shipped these elements to Iraq in uniform? Or is this what to expect from this country, from this regime, from these armed forces, the good people of the USA? Apparently so.

It is well known that the US armed forces are not good soldiers - they can only fight in conditions where massive airpower destroys any potential threat and the whole area around it before the troops move in. Now it is evident that the US armed forces are not good soldiers. This is not one incident. This is not one soldier. This is not one unit.

His is a systematic and long-term purposeful strategy for intelligence gathering perpetrated by present and past members of the US military, perverts with warped minds. They are as low and degraded a bunch of murderers and torturers as can be found in any evil, fascist dictatorship anywhere on the planet. Private Lynndie England and her band of torturers committed acts paramount to those perpetrated in Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, modern-day Pol Pots, or Bokassas.

Did Saddam Hussein's regime torture prisoners? Yes.

Does George Bush's regime torture prisoners? Yes.

Did Saddam Hussein's regime conduct an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation? Yes.

Did George Bush's regime conduct an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation? Yes.

What is the difference? The visible image of George Bush's freedom and democracy winning hearts and minds is embodied in "people" like Lynndie England and this troupe of butchers.

There is no difference. And this regime can even contemplate being re-elected? They are a shame to themselves, they are a shame to their country, they are a shame to the modern world, they are a shame to Humankind. The Bush regime is accountable; the Bush regime has to go.

Time for regime change. George Bush stiffed the world.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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