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Sodomizing Female Prisoners In Iraq Ordered By Intelligence Agencies

May 5 - Sodomizing female prisoners, documented on camera, was ordered and condoned by the intelligence agencies, not only to defile and humiliate the prisoners - and defile the soldiers themselves - but to severely tarnish the reputation of America (even more than it already was) with the help of 60 Minutes, and all involved in now suddenly exposing it.

Torture has been exposed in Guantanamo Bay for over 2 years now. Torture and other abuses of prisoners in Iraq by coalition forces have been known for over a year since the invasion. Yet, the mainstream media has downplayed all.

Until now. Why? Think about it.

In other words, this latest round of abuse was all staged and meticulously documented, and now heavily hyped in the media as part of the overall plan to make America into the Bad-Cop Evil Empire which will have to be brought down to heel by the global system Good-Cops.

Hegelian Bonesman hierarch, George Bush Sr. stated that Iraq was the "Crucible of the New World Order", the vessel wherein the alchemical process of creating a world government tyranny under the thoroughly corrupt UN would occur. The whole mess there is called "Managed Chaos" or Order Out of Chaos, ie, the Masonic Ordo Ab Chao. A set up, a totally staged event.

They create the Hegelian crisis to divide and conquer populations and then offer their pre-conceived "solutions". Even the war crimes going down as we watch them unfold are engineered, designed, condoned and even ordered by the intelligence agencies... to damage the reputation of this great country of ours, to foment the Arab world for WWIII and drag to us through the mud internationally in order to bring us down and make us the bad guys, the Evil Empire--SO THAT--so that the "International Community", ie the UN World Government can step in as the savior and be the good guys to "save the day" and thenceforth America will become just another province of the global neo-feudal system just as Nazi Germany became absorbed in the new European Community, and now the vastly expanding EU Soviet.

Got that?

So THIS is the true agenda. This is essentially how American might and resources are being used to spearhead the globalist agenda worldwide, but to end up by being swallowed up in it, spread thin, corrupted, destroyed and assimilated itself.

. . .

Unless...we wake up to these Hegelian machinations-- which I do not see happening anytime soon.

Too many people are too brainwashed by either the Right or the Left sides of the false paradigm, or too stupid to see, or too morally bankrupt to care. I do hope this horrible state of affairs will change for the better. I myself will keep hoping and keep fighting for the truth till the very end.

Paul Walker
Aftermath News Service

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